- Mix 70's Grooves & Reedits

Liner Notes :

I spent the last couple of months shut up in a house where the objective was to tidy up my messy record collection.
I found all those vinyls in so many different ways : during trips, in antique stores, at music markets, in charity shops, on Sundays at “vide greniers”…and more recently via the internet.
It’s a totally mixed collection of music from jazz to contemporary, with country records next to flute players’ LP from Peru and Yugoslavian tango.
I don’t really remember where some of these records come from, but they are here, and I to listen to them.

As a passionate music lover, I appreciate a vast range of music but in this compilation, I concentrated on the 70s soul/funk/disco sound, and included a mix of the songs that I liked in the CD one.

The second CD contains a few unmixed edits that I did from some of those tracks.
You may find them quite similar to the original versions, because my only goal was to make them easier for me to play during gigs, with an outro beat replacing the
fade-out ending typical in this kind of music.
Sometimes, these edits can be quite simple to make, but other times, they can easily become a headache when the original song does not include all the elements necessary for the edited version.
In some cases, I had to reconstruct the beat, either by using sounds from software or by borrowing parts of other songs to complete the new versions.
I also worked on the tempos of the old songs to make the beat more regular, but I always tried to make these changes as gentle as possible, as if the song has been recorded that way.

I hope that all these subtle details will help DJs to play these tunes and keep the 70s spirit alive, shining a light on often underrated artists from this period.


Florent F

1. Jayson Hoover - Sing With Soul
2. Willie Hobbs - Big Legged Woman
3. Maryann Farra & Satin Soul - Living In The Footstep Of Another Girl
4. Gene Chandler - Does She Have A Friend ?
5. Eugene Record - Here Come The Sun
6. General Crook - Thanks But No Thanks
7. Vernon Burch - Give Love A Try
8. Don Downing - Doctor Boogie
9. Chicago Gangsters - Gangster Boogie
10. Free Life - There’s Something Better (Florent F Reconstruction Mix)
11. Eramus Hall - Your Love Is My Desire (Florent F Gentle Edit)
12. Hubert Laws - The Baron
13. 9th Creation - Happy Go Lucky Man
14. The Imaginations - Tipsy Mood
15. Junior Parker - The Outside Man
16. David Porter - The Way You Do The Things
17. Bobby Williams - Make Yourself Funky
18. Donald Byrd - Thank You For Funking Up My Life
19. Gary Bartz - Music Is My Sanctuary (Florent F Re-Edit)
20. Slave - Watching You (Florent F Gentle Edit)
21. Bernard Wright - Just Chillin Out
22. Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn’t Change A Thing (Florent F Gentle Edit)
23. 100% Pure Poison - You Keep Coming Back (Florent F Reconstruction Mix)
24. Lax - All My Love (Florent F Gentle Edit)
25. Ellerine Harding - Get Up Daddy